27 Sep 2021

Vulnerabilities May Slow Air Force’s Adoption of Artificial Intelligence

The Air Force is reportedly working to better prepare to defend AI programs and algorithms from adversaries that may seek to disrupt or corrupt training data. On Wednesday, Air Force deputy chief of staff for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and cyber effects operations Mary O’Brien spoke about the obstacle, stating that

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24 Sep 2021

Air Force Reserve Command Prepares for 5G Boost

On Tuesday, the Air Force revealed that it is working with the Verizon Public Sector to deploy 5G Ultra Wideband mobility technology to seven different Air Force Reserve Command installations. The bases are located in Florida, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas. The installations are set to commence this

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15 Jun 2021

Taiwan reports largest daily incursion yet by Chinese air force

On Tuesday, twenty-eight Chinese military planes crossed into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identified Zones, representing the largest incursion between the two countries since the island began regularly reporting similar actions over the past year. Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense stated that the fleet consisted of fighter jets, bombers, anti-submarine, and early warning

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01 Jun 2021

Air Force, Space Force Projects Will Speed Object Identification, Security Implementation

Two new Air Force and Space Force projects will aid the entities in identifying space objects and secure software utilized to handle space data more efficiently. A company that specializes in using synthetic data to train artificial intelligence models named Synthetaic has joined the Air Force in their object identification

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15 Apr 2021

Drone Attacks Iraq Airport Housing U.S. Troops

On Wednesday, a drone equipped with explosives attacked a US air base in northern Iraq, according to US and Iraqi officials. No casualties were reported at the base, which doubles as an airport in the city of Erbil, according to a statement made by the interior ministry of the Kurdistan

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31 Mar 2021

How Virtual Reality Is Helping Prepare Service Members to Support Peers in Emotional Distress

The US Air Force has implemented virtual reality technology into its training process, aiming to offer airmen the necessary practical experience. The process is designed to simulate a mental health emergency that will be expanded to incorporate military spouses as well. The Air Force seeks to destigmatize soldiers’ mental health

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20 Jan 2021

Air Force, Korean Partners Unveil Plan to Co-Fund ‘Breakthrough’ Quantum Research

A new collaboration aiming to fund breakthrough Quantum Research has been announced by the US Air Force and two previously existing Korean research partners. The group released a joint solicitation offering three-year grants to initiate innovation and headway in quantum information science. The Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFSOR)

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18 Dec 2020

AI Just Controlled a Military Plane for the First Time Ever

The US Air Force has successfully flown its first flight guided by Artificial Intelligence on a U-2 spy plane in California. This is the first time Artificial Intelligence technology has controlled a US military system. The groundbreaking flight combined AI technology with US Air Force capabilities developed by the Air

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26 Aug 2020

Air Force Taps Machine Learning to Speed Up Flight Certifications

The US Air Force is searching for ways to combine machine learning and other technologies in order to speed up the flight certification process. Machine learning has already played a role in how the Air Force office analyzes and certifies flight configurations, however, this would be a critical step in

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19 Jun 2020

Air Force Awards Anchore Phase II Contract to Advance DevSecOps

The Air Force has awarded Anchore, a security solution provider, a phase II Small Business Innovation Research contract of $2.25 million. The award aims to boost DevSecOps-centered technology. A spokesperson for Anchore stated that they are excited to pioneer developments in the journey for wide-scale software application modernization across government

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