01 Dec 2021

Artificial Intelligence: How Business Leaders Can Tap Into Their Blue Sky Opportunities

The pandemic forced the hands of many executives who had previously hesitated to sponsor transformation; many leaders needed a disruptive event like this to prioritize such activities and think outside the box. It’s been surprising to see the speed with which digital transformation has finally taken place, particularly within industries

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30 Nov 2021

Managing AI Decision-Making Tools

Your business’s use of AI is only going to increase, and that’s a good thing. Digitalization allows businesses to operate at an atomic level and make millions of decisions each day about a single customer, product, supplier, asset, or transaction. But these decisions cannot be made by humans working in

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29 Nov 2021

Building artificial intelligence: staffing is the most challenging part

Every company worth its weight is set on achieving practical and scalable artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, it’s all much easier said than done — to which AI leaders within some of the most information-intensive enterprises can attest. For more perspective on the challenges of building an AI-driven organization,

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26 Nov 2021

UNESCO member states adopt the first ever global agreement on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO presented Thursday the first-ever global standard on the ethics of artificial intelligence adopted by the member states of UNESCO at the General Conference. This historical text defines the common values and principles which will guide the construction of the necessary legal infrastructure to ensure the healthy

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24 Nov 2021

Artificial intelligence and mobility, who’s at the wheel?

Last week, the Dutch Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) found that the Netherlands is not well prepared for the consequences of artificial intelligence (AI). In ‘Challenge AI, The New Systems Technology‘ (in Dutch), the council calls for regulation of technology and data, its use, and social implications. And rightly

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23 Nov 2021

Cybersecurity experts warn of A.I.’s drawbacks in combating threats

There are three parts of any security strategy. You want to be able to detect, to prevent, and to respond,” John Roese, Global Chief Technology Officer of Dell Technologies, said at the Fortune Brainstorm A.I. conference in Boston on Monday. “It turns out that in the ‘detect’ area, we’re well

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22 Nov 2021

Low code and no code may open more doors to artificial intelligence

How high will low code applications go? The jury is still out on how high this is all going. Low code and no code may even play a role in enabling business users to build artificial intelligence-driven applications, some observers predict. Low and no code platforms make it possible “to

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19 Nov 2021

Managing the Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities of Artificial Intelligence

Last week, Andy Grotto and I published a new working paper on policy responses to the risk that artificial intelligence (AI) systems, especially those dependent on machine learning (ML), can be vulnerable to intentional attack. As the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence found, “While we are on the front

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18 Nov 2021

The Department of Defense is issuing AI ethics guidelines for tech contractors

In 2018, when Google employees found out about their company’s involvement in Project Maven, a controversial US military effort to develop AI to analyze surveillance video, they weren’t happy. Thousands protested. “We believe that Google should not be in the business of war,” they wrote in a letter to the

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17 Nov 2021

Artificial intelligence: Everyone wants it, but not everyone is ready

Artificial intelligence technologies have reached impressive levels of adoption, and are seen as a competitive differentiator. But there comes a point when technology becomes so ubiquitous that it is no longer a competitive differentiator — think of the cloud. Going forward, those organizations succeeding with AI, then, will be those

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