01 Apr 2019

DARPA Wants AI to Learn Language like Human Babies

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) last week announced plans to invest in the Grounded Artificial Intelligence Language Acquisition (GAILA) research program that aims to teach artificial intelligence (AI) to learn language in a similar way as human babies do, to make sure that AI will actually grasp

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29 Mar 2019

Inside Cyber Battlefields, the Newest Domain of War

According to Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at F-Secure, “we are in the very beginning of the cyber arms race.” Due to technological innovation, wars are now increasingly fought in the digital realm and this has major security implications. While deterrence assures a high threshold for the use of the

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28 Mar 2019

The Pentagon is ‘Absolutely Unapologetic’ About Pursuing AI-Powered Weapons

On Wednesday, US Department of Defense officials defended the department’s use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in new weapons systems, arguing that all its projects involving AI are subject to ethical frameworks and international law, which they said is unlikely to be the case in countries like China. One official

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27 Mar 2019

Top 5 barriers to AI security adoption

A recent study by SANS Institute and Cylance shows that many cybersecurity professionals believe AI is not yet mature and safe enough to be implemented for security. Survey respondents identified the following 7 risks of such implementation: Loss of privacy as a result of AI consuming data Over-reliance on one

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25 Mar 2019

AR Will Spark the Next Big Tech Platform—Call It Mirrorworld

While augmented reality (AR) may strike some as an over-hyped concept that has so far delivered little of value, there are strong indications that this technology may actually give rise to the third major technology platform after the Internet and social media: a digital realm dubbed “mirrorworld.” The mirrorworld would

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22 Mar 2019

NSF Director Approaching Uncertain Tech Landscape with Confidence

Director of the National Science Foundation (NSF), France Córdova believes it is important for Americans to embrace the technological innovations that research in artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing, astrophysics and other fields will bring. In a Nextgov interview she stated that “[u]ltimately the country that succeeds the best is going

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20 Mar 2019

Half of organizations lack the security talent needed to remain secure

A new Trend Micro study underscores the risks of the global cybersecurity talent gap for organizations. According to the research, almost half of all organizations do not have enough IT security experts on the payroll to protect themselves against cyber attacks. Two out of three (69%) organizations think that artificial

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20 Mar 2019

White House starts to flesh out AI research plan — and raises its profile with AI.gov

As part of it’s broader policy to promote artificial intelligence (AI) research and development (R&D), the White House has launched AI.gov, an official domain used to showcase the government’s new AI strategy and related projects. According to the Trump administration, the domain is part of the government’s efforts to solidify

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15 Mar 2019

Intel offers AI breakthrough in quantum computing

While applications of deep learning have produced impressive empirical results, the theory behind it is still poorly developed. However, a team of researchers from Intel and the Hebrew University are saying that they have made an important breakthrough that allows for a better theoretical understanding of the capabilities of deep

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14 Mar 2019

Businesses recognize the need for AI & ML tools in cybersecurity

Webroot released a new study on US business attitudes toward artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in the context of cybersecurity. While 71% of organizations want to use more AI/ML solutions as part of their cybersecurity strategy, 76% indicated that they do not actually care about AI/ML itself and

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