02 Dec 2019

Top 10 Security, Technology, and Business Books of 2019

OODA CEO Matt Devost provides his top 10 security, technology, and business books for 2019. Matt reads over 100 books per year and this top 10 compilation is typically one of our most popular posts of the year. A trusted curation of essential books that can inform your decision loop and enable intelligent actions.

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19 Nov 2019

Human Nature vs. AI: A False Dichotomy?

Today’s cyber-attacks can cost billions of dollars, data breaches, and loss of clientele, resulting in CISOs wary of employees’ abilities to guard data. Cybersecurity solutions used by enterprises and small businesses alike are difficult to use and create well-intentioned workarounds. These ‘shortcuts’ introduce new vulnerabilities that are capitalized by malicious

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15 Nov 2019

Here’s How Quantum Supremacy Will Impact Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars, or cars in which artificial intelligence operates a car without human assistance, may be affected by the development of quantum computers. For cars that require no human assistance, quantum computers may revolutionize the industry. Currently, no car has been developed that requires no human assistance or interaction in

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07 Nov 2019

Your Social Media Is (Probably) Being Watched Right Now, Says New Surveillance Report

A new report[pdf] by Freedom House indicates that the social media accounts of 89% of all Internet users around the globe are actively being monitored by their country’s government. This comes down to about 3 billion people in China and at least 39 other countries that “have instituted advanced social

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01 Nov 2019

Defense Innovation Board Lays Out 5 Key Principles for Ethical AI

The Defense Innovation Board, which functions as the tech advisory board for the US Department of Defense (DoD), released a highly anticipated report[pdf] on recommendations for the ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies by the DoD. The board recommends that the use of AI should be responsible, equitable, traceable,

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31 Oct 2019

2020 is the Year Data Gets Weaponized

A new Forrester report projects how the cyber threat landscape is likely to evolve in the coming years. The picture it paints of the near future is grim, to say the least. The researchers project that it might not be long before “evil can adopt artificial intelligence and machine learning

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30 Oct 2019

DISA Is Looking to Buy AI-Powered Cyber Defenses

The US Department of Defense plans to bolster its cybersecurity defenses by adopting automated cybersecurity solutions that rely on machine learning. The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) announced last week that it “desires to leverage commercially available technology to strengthen its ability to detect and thwart cyber-attacks in real-time before

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29 Oct 2019

Most decision makers expect AI and 5G to impact their cybersecurity strategy

83% of organizations believe 5G will lead to challenges in terms of cybersecurity, which implies that companies may be put at risk as a result of the new technology, a recent survey by Information Risk Management (IRM) found. Companies are concerned about 5G because vulnerabilities in the technology “appear to

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28 Oct 2019

Despite enthusiasm for AI adoption, governments are experiencing challenges

90% of government leaders and senior IT decision-makers in Europe think that in the coming years, artificial intelligence will transform how their organization operates, a recent Accenture study found. 86% of companies aim to increase spending on AI solutions next year. The two most popular areas for AI deployment are

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28 Oct 2019

Ransomware, Mobile Malware Attacks to Surge in 2020

A recent study by Check Point predicts some of the major cybersecurity trends that will shape 2020. In terms of threats, the firm projects that 5G will play a major role in increasing the attack surface because it is bound to lead to a surge in Internet-of-things devices as well

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