19 Feb 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) And The Law: Helping Lawyers While Avoiding Biased Algorithms

Many experts warn that the use of artificial intelligence creates several challenges regarding biases, especially when employed in a legal setting. AI learns from data that perpetuates existing human biases, creating machines that also hold these biases. There have been several issues with machine learning applied to human resource systems,

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12 Feb 2020

Eyeing Amazon, 7-Eleven Tests A Cashierless Store

7-Eleven, a US convenience store giant, announced yesterday that they are testing a new system at their corporate headquarters in Texas in which their stores will not have cashiers. Instead, the program will only accept payment through the mobile app to check into the store, pay for items, and receive

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11 Feb 2020

Deep Learning Has Limits. But Its Commercial Impact Has Just Begun.

In recent months, the limitations of deep learning have been questioned by the AI community. Throughout several platforms, notably Twitter and the premier AI conference NeurIPS, AI researchers have discussed deep learning’s shortcomings. Today’s neural networks will eventually face boundaries in their abilities and usage. One researcher stated that although

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04 Feb 2020

EPIC Asks Federal Trade Commission To Regulate Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Pre-Employment Screenings

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), a publish interest center based in Washington DC, filed a petition on Monday asking the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to establish fair trade practices on the use of artificial intelligence in the commercial sector. Epic claims that HireVue is circumventing international standards of transparency,

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30 Jan 2020

AI Driven Biomarkers Could Help Prevent Age-Related Diseases

Biomarker technology is currently being developed to prevent age-related diseases. Biomarkers are used to predict biological age, indicative of a person’s state of health. Biomarkers are being integrated with AI and machine learning techniques, aiming to extend healthspan and prevent diseases developed at old age. Biomarkers are the primary metric

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28 Jan 2020

OK Computer: To Prevent Students Cheating with AI Text-Generators, We Should Bring Them into the Classroom

Artificial intelligence programs are increasingly improving their writing skills, providing for better quality writing and convincing work on many topics, for virtually no cost. Experts believe that in a few years, AI machines could be turning out quality essays for students. Although the US could attempt to ban the machines,

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27 Jan 2020

Class-action lawsuit filed against controversial Clearview AI startup

A class-action lawsuit was filed earlier this week against Clearview AI, a New York-based startup that has created one of the biggest facial recognition databases in the world. The database was developed by scraping social media networks for people’s photos. The startup was originally low-profile but was exposed last week

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24 Jan 2020

How the Pentagon’s JAIC Picks Its Artificial Intelligence-Driven Projects

The Pentagon’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center was founded in 2018 to unify and accelerate AI applications across the defense and military enterprise. In the past nine months, employees inside the center have spent about nine months executing this AI support, aiming to improve the efficiency and accuracy to improve overall

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24 Jan 2020

Hypergiant Is Using AI And Algae To Take on Climate Change

Hypergiant is an AI products and solutions company harnessing the power of algae to create its latest technology, called the EOS bio-reactor. The bio-reactor uses AI to optimize algae growth and carbon sequestration. The reactor is designed to hook up to HVAC systems found in large industrial buildings, skyscrapers, and

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09 Jan 2020

We’re fighting fake news AI bots by using more AI. That’s a mistake.

Recent fake-news scandals have revealed the prevalence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in disseminating inaccurate media. The efforts to combat AI’s pervasiveness, however, are led by AI technology. In his 2018 Congressional testimony, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg suggested that AI will be at the forefront of tackling digital propaganda.   Samuel Woolley,

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