04 Nov 2021

Oracle’s new cloud AI services aim to bring out-of-the-box machine learning to the SMB masses

Oracle has announced the availability of six new AI services for its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform. Designed for out-of-the-box operation, Oracle said that the new services will “make it easier for developers to apply AI services to their applications without requiring data science expertise,” which is sure to be welcomed

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04 Nov 2021

A Three-Step Approach to Adopting AI, and What to Prioritize

The global impact of the pandemic has yielded a number of important lessons for companies looking to survive the next major disruption. Among them is the need to better implement artificial intelligence in supply chains. Here are some tips on how businesses can achieve that goal. First, build a better model to

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03 Nov 2021

Clearview AI slammed for breaching Australians’ privacy on numerous fronts

Australia’s Information Commissioner (OAIC) determined that Clearview AI breached Australia’s privacy laws on numerous fronts. The Information Commissioner launched a bilateral investigation into the company’s practices and discovered that Clearview’s facial recognition tool collected Australians’ sensitive information without obtaining consent and through unfair means. The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

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02 Nov 2021

Humans in the loop: It takes people to ensure artificial intelligence success

When it comes to artificial intelligence, don’t try to go it alone. IT departments, no matter how skilled and ready, can only go so far past proofs of concept. It takes people — from all corners of the enterprise and working collaboratively — to deliver AI success. Industry experts say

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01 Nov 2021

Why Should Humankind Strive To Build Artificial General Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has been a buzzword for a while now. Although it has its own set of rewards and accolades mustered through disciplines like machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL) and natural language processing (NLP), there have been reservations about AI acquiring a greater meaning and purpose that

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29 Oct 2021

Could Artificial Intelligence Save the Holiday Shopping Season?

As we all know supply chain disruptions over the past two years do not seem to be going away any time soon. However, businesses are turning to new artificial intelligence-powered (AI) simulations, known as “digital twins,” to help get products and services to consumers on time – especially as we

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28 Oct 2021

AT&T and H2O.ai Launch Co-Developed Artificial Intelligence Feature Store with Industry-First Capabilities

H2O AI Feature Store, currently in production use at AT&T, delivers a repository for collaborating, sharing, reusing, and discovering machine learning features to speed AI project deployments, improve ROI and is now available to any company or organization. AT&T and H2O.ai jointly built an artificial intelligence (AI) feature store to

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26 Oct 2021

The Coming Convergence of NFTs and Artificial Intelligence

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are becoming one of the most important trends in the crypto ecosystem. The first generation of NFTs has focused on key properties such as ownership representation, transfer, automation as well as building the core building blocks of the NFT market infrastructure. The hype in the NFT market makes

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25 Oct 2021

NATO releases first-ever strategy for Artificial Intelligence

The strategy outlines how AI can be applied to defence and security in a protected and ethical way. As such, it sets standards of responsible use of AI technologies, in accordance with international law and NATO’s values. It also addresses the threats posed by the use of AI by adversaries

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22 Oct 2021

Congress proposes lots of AI, whatever that means

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a vexed term. Most people in the world have probably heard it said or used it themselves, but they have no idea what it means. And no wonder: Its original formulation was as a placeholder, a way for researcher John McCarthy to get a grant proposal

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