21 Dec 2018

UN Reports ‘Alarming’ Trends in Drug Trafficking in Africa

“The U.N. drugs and crime chief said Wednesday that his office is registering ‘new, alarming trends’ in drug trafficking in western and central Africa that are destabilizing the ability of country’s to govern as well as security, economic growth and public health. Yuri Fedotov told the Security Council that criminal

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16 Nov 2018

DoD is stretched thin and plans to pull back in Africa

The U.S. is preparing to draw down in Africa in order to concentrate on broader geopolitical threats. ‘As the department implements the [National Defense Strategy] to maintain our global military advantage, we are moving to a more resource-sustainable approach with our counter violent extremist organization campaign,’ Pentagon spokeswoman Navy Cmdr.

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14 Nov 2018

A year in fake news and its political impact in Africa

Over the past year, several high-profile fake news stories stormed across various African countries, impacting elections, economics, and culture. In one instance in Nigeria, a fake Twitter account under the name of an opposition candidate posted a thank you letter to the “Association of Nigerian Gay Men” for their endorsement

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13 Nov 2018

National School for Cybersecurity Opens in Senegal – First in Africa

In a country, region, and continent beset with cybercrime and cyber vulnerabilities, a new “National School of Cybersecurity” has been launched in Dakar, Senegal. The school is the first of its kind on the continent and hopes to function as a “best-practice hub” for all of Africa. Expected to begin

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02 Nov 2018

China Is Exporting Its Digital Surveillance Methods to African Governments

A democracy watchdog group Freedom House has published a report indicating that China is exporting its internet policy and surveillance methods and tools to emerging market countries, essentially exporting a “digital authoritarianism” that could pose an existential threat to weak democratic governance around the world. The report suggests that countries

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26 Oct 2018

Africa’s new debt crisis: levels surpass 2001 peak

Debt levels in Africa are at their highest since 2001, with 18 countries either undergoing or at immediate risk of an acute debt crisis, according to the World Bank. Declines and fluctuations in commodity prices have impacted many countries, but two of the most significant factors in the issue are

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19 Sep 2018

Sierra Leone ‘cartel’ of government employees ran passport scam for US visas

Sierra Leone’s anti-corruption commission has announced several arrests in connection to a network providing fraudulent diplomatic passports for entry into the United States and elsewhere. In this group was the country’s former ambassador to the UN and several other foreign ministry and immigration department employees. The U.S. had restricted visas

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12 Sep 2018

Russia’s scramble for influence in Africa catches western officials off-guard

“Russia is engaged in a frantic new scramble for influence in Africa, which is being spearheaded by a rash of military cooperation and arms deals signed across the continent in 2018. The most recent – an agreement for a planned Russian logistics base in Eritrea, which would give it access

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05 Sep 2018

Chinese fume over Xi’s $60-billion Africa handout

China is increasingly frustrated with the amount of investment dollars going to Africa, money they argue that could be better spent at home rather than being used to line the pockets of dictators and Chinese middlemen. President Xi’s recent announcement of 60 billion in aid includes $15 billion in grants

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05 Sep 2018

Shadowy U.S. Drone War in Africa Set to Expand

The U.S. is reducing troops and expanding drone activity in Africa as it begins launching drones from a new remote base in Niger. The Pentagon has underscored that their 800 personnel in Niger are there to train Nigerien forces and armed only in defense of ambushes, one of which resulted

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