01 Dec 2022

Africa to receive first batch of 50,000 mpox vaccines

The African continent will receive its first batch of mpox vaccines as a donation from South Korea, according to the Africa Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The 50,000 doses will be given to health workers and people living in the hardest hit areas.  There have been 202 deaths recorded

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09 Nov 2022

Cybercrime Group OPERA1ER Stole $11M From 16 African Businesses

According to a new report from Group-IB, at least 16 African banks, financial services, and telecommunications companies have been victimized by the French-speaking threat group OPERA1ER. The threat group has been responsible for at least $11 million in theft since 2018. Group-IB’s report pertains to the threat group’s activities since

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26 Sep 2022

Researchers Uncover Mysterious ‘Metador’ Cyber-Espionage Group

Researchers from SentinelLabs have identified a new threat actor dubbed Metador. The threat actor has reportedly infected a telecommunications company in the Middle East and multiple Internet service providers and universities located across the Middle East and Africa. In addition, the group may be responsible for two malware platforms described

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13 Sep 2022

Famine Threatens East Africa as Drought Persists

In East Africa, thousands are facing a hunger emergency that has occurred as a result of four failed rainy seasons in a row. As the rainy season approaches, another drought could deepen the crisis and tip some areas into famine within weeks. Meteorologists have assessed the current situation and issued

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08 Sep 2022

‘DangerousSavanna’ Hackers Targeted Financial Institutions in Africa For Two Years

Check Point research has identified a persistent cyber-attack campaign it calls DangerousSavanna targeting major financial institutions in French-speaking African countries. According to the cybersecurity firm, the campaign has been active for the past two years and focuses on spear phishing techniques to initiate infection chains. The threat actors behind the

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25 May 2022

Four missing miners found dead in Burkina Faso

Four missing miners in Burkina Faso have been found dead, according to the country’s government officials. After 39 days of intense search on behalf of rescue workers in the region, the bodies of the miners were recovered. The individuals went missing after floodwaters filled a Canadian-owned mine in Perkoa. Perkoa

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24 May 2022

DR Congo military accused of shelling civilians in Rwanda

Rwanda’s military has accused forces from the Democratic Republic of the Congo of cross-border shelling and wounding several civilians. Regional monitors have been asked to investigate as the shelling struck areas in Musanze district Monday morning.  The Expanded Joint Verification Mechanism is a group of military experts from the International

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24 Feb 2022

Uganda’s proposed new law will see anti-vaxxers face fines or six months in jail

Uganda has proposed new and harsh penalties for anti-vaxxers in a new bill that is still under consideration of the parliament as the country attempts to crack down on its Covid-19 vaccine mandate. On Tuesday, a parliamentary health committee stated that it plans to propose legislation to fine or imprison

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25 Jan 2022

At least eight dead in crush at Africa Cup of Nations game in Cameroon

On Monday afternoon, at least eight people were killed and 38 injured after a crush occurred during an Africa Cup of Nations match in the Cameroonian capital city of Yaounde. The government of Cameroon confirmed the tragedy, stating that it occurred at the south entrance of the Olembe Stadium, where

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27 Dec 2021

Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Who Helped End Apartheid, Dies at 90

On Sunday, South Africans across the country mourned the death of Desmond Tutu. Mr. Tutu was an Anglican archbishop who led a global campaign to put a stop to the country’s racist policies. Mr. Tutu was seen by many as a moral compass and leading figure for a nation struggling

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