07 Nov 2019

New Android Threat: Google Confirms Malicious Apps Removed From Play Store—Uninstall Now

Researchers with Wandera have discovered yet another set of malicious apps on the Google Play Store. The seven apps included a calculator, an alarm clock, two flashlight apps and three magnifier apps. While the apps do not contain malware when installed, they are “droppers” designed to download malicious “payload” apps

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25 Oct 2019

iOS Clicker Trojan Malware Found in 17 Apps in Apple’s App Store

Researchers with Wandera Threat Labs have uncovered 17 malicious iOS apps on the Apple App Store that carried out ad fraud on infected iPhones, iPads, and iPods. After installation, a clicker Trojan in the apps would start running in the background, simulating ad clicks  and opening web pages. The researchers

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24 Oct 2019

Millions downloaded dozens of Android apps on Google Play infected with adware

Once again, millions of Android users have been tricked into downloading malicious applications from the Play Store after threat actors managed to bypass the security checks Google has put in place to bar malware. Researchers with ESET have uncovered 42 malicious apps with a total of more than 8 million

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02 Oct 2019

New Google Android Warning As Malicious Apps Hit 300 Million Play Store Users

Despite Google’s efforts to keep the Play Store safe, cybercriminals keep sneaking malicious software onto the official Android app store. In September, security researchers found 172 malicious Android apps on the Play Store with a combined total of more than 335 million installations, a new report by ESET researcher Lukas

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23 Sep 2019

VPN apps with 500M+ installs caught serving disruptive ads to Android users

Google Play has once again made the news because a security researcher discovered malicious apps on the official Android app store. Four VPN and antivirus apps by developers from Hong Kong and China were found serving ads in a malicious ways, such as running ads in the background or displaying

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19 Aug 2019

8 million Android users tricked into downloading 85 adware apps from Google Play

Once again, researchers have uncovered a major adware scheme on the Google Play Store. According to Trend Micro, threat actors managed to upload 85 malicious apps to the official Android app store. The apps gathered over 8 million total installs before they were removed. Ecular Xu of Trend Micro said

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01 Jul 2019

This Scary Game Stole Passwords From Thousands of Android Users

Security researchers with Wandera recently discovered that a seemingly legitimate Android mobile game available on Google Play actually targeted users with adware, and phishing attacks aimed at stealing Google account credentials. The game, called Scary Granny, was downloaded by 50,000 users before Google was informed about is malicious nature by

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05 Jun 2019

Adware Hidden in Android Apps Downloaded More Than 440 Million Times

Security researchers at Lookout recently discovered hidden adware in 238 android apps that were available in the official Google Play store. The apps accounted for more than 440 million total installations. The adware was hidden in an obfuscated plugin called BeiTaAd. The plugin made it possible for the apps to

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01 Apr 2019

Google: Malware in Google Play doubled in 2018 because of click-fraud apps

According to Google’s annual Android security report [pdf], installs of malicious apps from the Google Play Store increased by 100% in 2018. However, the company claims that the reported increase is a result of its decision to start considering click-fraud applications, also called adware, as “potentially harmful apps” (PHAs). Since adware

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14 Mar 2019

Researchers expose massive mobile adware and data stealing campaigns with 250 million downloads

In the latest sign that Google is failing to keep dangerous applications from appearing on the Play Store, researchers with Check Point Research have uncovered two malicious campaigns labeled SimBad and Operation Sheep that together affect over 250 Android users across the globe. SimBad is adware that has been found

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