07 Jan 2020

Facebook Moves to Detect and Remove Deepfake Videos

On Monday, Facebook announced that it aims to ban “misleading manipulated media” from its platform. More specifically, it aims to detect and remove deepfakes, i.e. highly realistic video or audio content that has been created or doctored through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Because deepfakes can be used

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06 Jan 2020

New Trump Ruling Limits AI Surveillance Exports Over China Military Fears

On Monday, the US tightened its restrictions on US exports of artificial intelligence (AI) technology designed for geospatial intelligence purposes like detecting and classifying objects from planes and satellites. While the move targets all countries except for Canada, it is widely believed to be directed at China’s AI surveillance sector.

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03 Dec 2019

Amazon Plans Ring Facial Recognition-Based ‘Watch List’, Report

Amazon plans to implement facial recognition software in Ring smart home security devices with the goal of recognizing ‘suspicious activity.’ This plan would effectively create an AI-enabled “neighborhood watch list,” according to reports on Amazon’s plans. The watch list would automatically notify a Ring owner with a notification on their

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12 Nov 2019

A.I. Systems Echo Biases They’re Fed, Putting Scientists on Guard

A year ago Google reported a breakthrough artificial intelligence technology called BERT. BERT, which is used in Google’s internet search engine, learns from digitized information like Wikipedia entries, news articles, and old books. This presents an issue that has caught the attention of security researchers and experts who claim BERT

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12 Nov 2019

McDonald’s AI Drive-Thrus May Be Too Smart For Their Own Good

The fast-food chain Mcdonald’s has been implementing measures to stylize restaurants in order to compete in the current landscape in which fast food is becoming increasingly less popular. Following the installation of in-store touchscreens, McDonalds has began testing the use of artificial intelligence technology in drive-throughs. However, many security experts

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11 Nov 2019

Artificial Intelligence Poses New Threat to Equal Employment Opportunity

Non-profit research center The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) recently called into question the practices of Utah-based recruiting company HireVue for their use of online game-based challenges and video interviews in evaluating a job candidate’s qualifications. EFF asked the Federal Communications Commission to investigate these practices as a potential threat to

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07 Nov 2019

Your Social Media Is (Probably) Being Watched Right Now, Says New Surveillance Report

A new report[pdf] by Freedom House indicates that the social media accounts of 89% of all Internet users around the globe are actively being monitored by their country’s government. This comes down to about 3 billion people in China and at least 39 other countries that “have instituted advanced social

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01 Nov 2019

Defense Innovation Board Lays Out 5 Key Principles for Ethical AI

The Defense Innovation Board, which functions as the tech advisory board for the US Department of Defense (DoD), released a highly anticipated report[pdf] on recommendations for the ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies by the DoD. The board recommends that the use of AI should be responsible, equitable, traceable,

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31 Oct 2019

2020 is the Year Data Gets Weaponized

A new Forrester report projects how the cyber threat landscape is likely to evolve in the coming years. The picture it paints of the near future is grim, to say the least. The researchers project that it might not be long before “evil can adopt artificial intelligence and machine learning

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30 Oct 2019

DISA Is Looking to Buy AI-Powered Cyber Defenses

The US Department of Defense plans to bolster its cybersecurity defenses by adopting automated cybersecurity solutions that rely on machine learning. The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) announced last week that it “desires to leverage commercially available technology to strengthen its ability to detect and thwart cyber-attacks in real-time before

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