31 Aug 2021

Verizon and Microsoft team up to offer 5G edge cloud computing for businesses

On Tuesday, Verizon announced that it would be partnering with Microsoft to offer a new edge computing solution for businesses that would be available on-premises. The new service leverages Verizon 5G Edge and Microsoft Azure Stack Edge, enabling businesses to deploy real-time enterprise applications. The technology would also allow companies

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10 Aug 2021

FCC Releases First U.S. Mobile Broadband Map

On Friday, the Federal Communications Commission released a new map that detailed where the four largest mobile carriers provide voice and data service. The map’s release was part of an effort to improve broadband and internet services across the United States. The map includes carriers Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and UScellular,

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29 Jun 2021

5G Security Vulnerabilities Fluster Mobile Operators

A new survey released by GSMA and Trend Micro shows that there is a concerning lack of security capabilities for private 5G networks such as factories, smart cities, industrial IoT, utilities, and other applications. 5G networks have begun to pop up across the country, however, as more and more entities

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22 Jun 2021

GlobalFoundries plans $4B Singapore plant to meet chip demand

GlobalFoundries has reportedly begun construction on a $4 billion facility that will manufacture semiconductors. The facility is located in Singapore and aims to meet the growing chip demand. The company states that its long-term customer agreements have already been formed in key market segments such as 5G and automotive. The

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10 Jun 2021

NSF, Tech Companies Partner to Create Post-5G Wireless Systems

The National Science Foundation is pushing the Defense Department, Apple, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Google, IBM, and other industry partners to coordinate new research into connectivity and post 5G wireless systems through a collaborative effort. The program is referred to as RINGS, standing for Resilient and Intelligent

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05 May 2021

Huawei and ZTE left out of India’s 5G trials

In its preliminary 5G trials, India has left out equipment from Chinese manufacturers Huawei and ZTE, becoming the latest country to take the firms out of its future 5G endeavors. India’s telecom ministry granted permission to a dozen firms, including Nokia and Ericsson, to conduct a six-month trial of 5G

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20 Apr 2021

UK Government Unveils Plans to Speed Up Rollout of 5G Technology

The UK government announced that it plans to speed up its rollout of 5G technology, which could have major effects on cybersecurity as the technology will likely expand the attack surface for cybercriminals and be harder to protect from an IT standpoint. The UK stated that mobile companies will be

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17 Mar 2021

Chinese APT Targets Telcos in 5G-Related Cyber-Espionage Campaign

According to new research, a Chinese advanced persistent threat group has launched a campaign that targets major telecommunications companies spanning Southeast Asia, the US, and Europe. The cyber espionage campaign is seemingly geared towards stealing data and intellectual property regarding 5G technology. According to McAfee, telemetry has suggested that the

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23 Feb 2021

Pentagon Pursues 5G Applications for Space

The US military is seeking to expand 5G networking capabilities into space, according to a new Pentagon solicitation. According to the agency, Space Force officials intend to tap into newly emerging 5G technologies to support space data transport throughout space. The Air Force published a joint solicitation last Thursday regarding

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18 Feb 2021

DARPA, Linux Foundation Partner to Advance 5G

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is partnering with the Linux Foundation, a major technology consortium, to foster open-source software development collaboration. DARPA seeks to advance emerging technologies alongside many of its federal counterparts. This includes cutting-edge tech such as 5G, according to Wednesday’s press release. The Linux Foundation

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