05 Dec 2019

Pentagon Unveils Which Bases Will House Large-Scale 5G Experiments

The Pentagon has released information that the Hill Air Force Base in Utah and the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Georgia will house 5G experiments. In Utah, the focus lies in 5G dynamic spectrum sharing, aiming to protect US activity across the domain. In Georgia, projects will focus on smart

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02 Dec 2019

5G hackers: These six groups will try to break into the networks of tomorrow

European security agency Enisa has identified the groups it believes are the biggest threat to 5G networks. Enisa warns that threats to telecoms infrastructure will increase with the arrival of 5G and next-generation mobile connectivity. 5G will present a wide array of risks, from automated factories to connected cars, attracting

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12 Nov 2019

Report Reveals Businesses Aren’t Ready for 5G

AT&T recently published a Cybersecurity Insights Report, which found that many businesses are not prepared for a data acceleration to 5G. The report states that enterprises are lacking the expansion of virtualization and software-defined networking (SDN) capabilities. Only 16% of survey respondents said they have already began preparing for 5G

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29 Oct 2019

Most decision makers expect AI and 5G to impact their cybersecurity strategy

83% of organizations believe 5G will lead to challenges in terms of cybersecurity, which implies that companies may be put at risk as a result of the new technology, a recent survey by Information Risk Management (IRM) found. Companies are concerned about 5G because vulnerabilities in the technology “appear to

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28 Oct 2019

Ransomware, Mobile Malware Attacks to Surge in 2020

A recent study by Check Point predicts some of the major cybersecurity trends that will shape 2020. In terms of threats, the firm projects that 5G will play a major role in increasing the attack surface because it is bound to lead to a surge in Internet-of-things devices as well

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10 Oct 2019

EU warns of 5G cybersecurity risks, stops short of singling out China

The risk of cyberattacks is bound to increase in the 5G era, a new European Union (EU) report warns. The EU said it considers non-EU states and state-backed actors to be the biggest threats in this context. It also emphasized the importance of “the risk profile of individual suppliers,” which

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02 Sep 2019

Huawei signs deal to develop 5G in Russia, on sidelines of meeting between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin

Huawei has agreed to handle “the development of 5G technologies and the pilot launch of fifth-generation networks in 2019-2020” in Russia. The Chinese tech giant, which was blacklisted by the US government earlier this year over security concerns, signed a contract with Russian mobile network operator MTS on the sidelines

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28 Aug 2019

The 5G Supply Chain Blind Spot: A more concerted effort to assess risk from the services supplied by our adversaries is required

Winning the worldwide “race to 5G” is a top priority for the United States. As the global competition unfolds, we have continued to hear about the technological and economic benefits associated with leadership in the wireless domain. Earlier this year, CTIA, a trade association representing the wireless communications industry, released a report that said, “America’s telecommunications operators plan to invest $275 billion to deploy 5G networks, creating 3 million new jobs and adding $500 billion to our economy.” Even though the benefits are undeniable, the U.S. has not relented on the critical security risks that must also be accounted for prior to large-scale nationwide investments in 5G infrastructure.

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25 Jul 2019

US Warns of 5G Wireless Network Security Risks

A new infographic[pdf] by the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) outlines various security risks related to 5G wireless networks. CISA warns that even though 5G will come with certain security improvements compared to 4G and older networks, attention must be paid to “supply chain, deployment, network security, and

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22 Jul 2019

AI, quantum computing and 5G could make criminals more dangerous than ever, warn police

A new Europol report[pdf] sheds light on the way emerging technology is shaping the cyber crime economy as well as law enforcement efforts to fight cyber crime. The research states that the use of artificial intelligence (AI) can vastly improve the success of cyber attacks and make it easier for

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