01 Jul 2021

FAA Moves to Further America’s Cellular-Connected Drone Operations

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently collaborated with Verizon-owned software company Skyward to experiment with and advance the use of cellular-connected drones to further technological advancements within the administration. The duo signed a three-year memorandum of agreement to pave a path toward more complex drone use. This usage includes developing

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27 Mar 2020

All 4G Networks Susceptible to DoS Attacks

A new vulnerability has been uncovered by Positive Technologies, a security firm, in all 4G and some 5G telecommunications networks that exposes a weakness in the diameter signaling protocol. This means that 100% of 4G networks are vulnerable to denial of service (DoS) attacks. The protocol that is open to

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13 Aug 2019

4G Router Vulnerabilities Let Attackers Take Full Control

Researchers with Pen Test Partners have found severe flaws in a range of 4G routers from different manufacturers that can result in memory leaks or remote command execution. While the vulnerabilities are very serious, the researchers say they found them “without having to do too much work.” After Pen Test

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