18 Feb 2019

How realistic are China’s plans to colonize the moon?

After China’s recent success in landing a spacecraft on the far side of the moon, the country is planning three additional lunar missions that could lay the groundwork for China’s long term goal of establishing a lunar base. While this goal may strike some as a naive dream inspired by science-fiction

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27 Nov 2018

3-D Printer Body Armor is Great for the U.S. Army—and Terrorists

“U.S. Army researchers have devised a method to produce ceramic body armor, lightweight but strong, from a 3-D printer. Except that 3-D printers are meant to print out knickknacks, not flak jackets. Which meant that engineers had to hack into the printer to get the job done. Ceramic armor, light

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30 Jul 2018

3D-printing guns in your home? A Texas company just got the green light to give you instructions

In 2013, the U.S. State Department ordered a company to remove its online blueprints for a 3D printed plastic firearm for its violation of federal export laws (the instructions were downloaded abroad). Before its removal, however, it was downloaded 100,000 times. Five years of court battles later, the company has

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