OODA members can find research existing research and reporting a number of ways, including visiting our OODA Member Resources Page or using the search function on our site. We also bring together research reports and current content based on topical areas in our Sensemaking Series:

Cybersecurity Sensemaking: Strategic intelligence to inform your decisionmaking

The OODA leadership and analysts have decades of experience in understanding and mitigating cybersecurity threats and apply this real world practitioner knowledge in our research and reporting. This page on the site is a repository of the best of our actionable research as well as a news stream of our daily reporting on cybersecurity threats and mitigation measures. See: Cybersecurity Sensemaking

Corporate Sensemaking: Establishing an Intelligent Enterprise

OODA’s leadership and analysts have decades of direct experience helping organizations improve their ability to make sense of their current environment and assess the best courses of action for success going forward. This includes helping establish competitive intelligence and corporate intelligence capabilities. Our special series on the Intelligent Enterprise highlights research and reports that can accelerate any organization along their journey to optimized intelligence. See: Corporate Sensemaking

Artificial Intelligence Sensemaking: Take advantage of this mega trend for competitive advantage

This page serves as a dynamic resource for OODA Network members looking for Artificial Intelligence information to drive their decision-making process. This includes a special guide for executives seeking to make the most of AI in their enterprise. See: Artificial Intelligence Sensemaking

COVID-19 Sensemaking: What is next for business and governments

From the very beginning of the pandemic we have focused on research on what may come next and what to do about it today. This section of the site captures the best of our reporting plus daily daily intelligence as well as pointers to reputable information from other sites. See: OODA COVID-19 Sensemaking Page.

Space Sensemaking: What does your business need to know now

A dynamic resource for OODA Network members looking for insights into the current and future developments in Space, including a special executive’s guide to space. See: Space Sensemaking

Quantum Computing Sensemaking

OODA is one of the few independent research sources with experience in due diligence on quantum computing and quantum security companies and capabilities. Our practitioner’s lens on insights ensures our research is grounded in reality. See: Quantum Computing Sensemaking.

Global Supply Chain Sensemaking

This page serves as a dynamic resource for OODA Network members looking for Global Supply Chain information to drive their decision-making process. Sub-categories include Pandemic Disruptions; Technology, Platforms and Supply Chain Intelligence; Case Study:  The Global Semiconductors Supply Chain; Supply Chains and Forced Labor; and National Security and Critical Infrastructure. 
See:  Global Supply Chain Sensemaking | OODA Loop

The OODAcast Video and Podcast Series

In 2020, we launched the OODAcast video and podcast series designed to provide you with insightful analysis and intelligence to inform your decision making process. We do this through a series of expert interviews and topical videos highlighting global technologies such as cybersecurity, AI, quantum computing along with discussions on global risk and opportunity issues. See: The OODAcast

Technology and Cybersecurity Due Diligence Sensemaking

Due Diligence prior to an investment, merger, acquisition or other business event is best done with experienced professionals who have past performance. This is especially true when assessing the technology or cybersecurity of a target firm. Due Diligence professionals should also maintain a current understanding of the state of enterprise technology and cybersecurity. This page brings together OODA special reports on these topics to help our members track the most critical elements in these domains. See: Due Diligence Sensemaking

Global Risk and Geopolitical Sensemaking

Every day our analysts review the dynamic international geopolitical situation and produce a daily recap published in the OODA Daily Pulse. We also produce a wide range of geopolitical analysis and insights which can improve your organizations ability to act with confidence in international affairs.  See: Global Risk and Geopolitical Sensemaking

Advanced Technology Sensemaking

A dynamic resource for OODA Network members looking for insights into the current and future technologies. We focus on the technology developments you need to track to inform your decision-making. This collection of resources includes content produced exclusively for OODA members as well as a continually updated list of insights from our daily pulse report.  See: Advanced Technology Sensemaking

Federal Market Sensemaking

This page serves as a resource for members looking for insights into the US Federal Government as a market. The information here includes federal related news and longer form research provided our members. See: Federal Market Sensemaking