Top 13 Favorite Reads of Red Team Students

Browne, M. N., & Keeley, S. M. (2007). Asking the right questions: A guide to critical thinking
(8th ed.). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson/Prentice Hall.

Demarest, G., & Foreign Military Studies Office. (2011). Winning insurgent war: Back to
basics. Fort Leavenworth, Kan.: Foreign Military Studies Office.

Dörner, D. (1996). The logic of failure: Why things go wrong and what we can do to make
them right [Logik des Misslingens.] (1 American ed.). New York: Metropolitan Books.

Fisher, R., Ury, W., & Patton, B. (1991). Getting to yes: Negotiating agreement without giving
in (2nd ed.). New York: Penguin Books.

Harris, M. (1989; 1974). Cows, pigs, wars, & witches: The riddles of culture (Vintage Books
ed.). New York: Vintage Books.

Kahneman, D. (2011). Thinking, fast and slow (1st ed.). New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

Klein, G. A. (1999; 1998). Sources of power: How people make decisions. Cambridge, Mass. ;
London: Mit.

Lewis, M. (2003). Moneyball: The art of winning an unfair game (1st ed.). New York: W.W.

Nisbett, R. E. (2004; 2003). The geography of thought: How asians and westerners think
differently– and why (1 Free Press pbk ed.). New York: Free Press.

Qiao, L., Santoli, A., & Wang, X. (2000). Unrestricted warfare: China’s master plan to destroy
america [Chao xian zhan.]. Panama City, Panama: Pan American Pub.

Russo, J. E., & Schoemaker, P. J. H. (2002). Winning decisions: Getting it right the first time
(1st ed.). New York: Currency.

Salmoni, B. A., Holmes-Eber, P., & Marine Corps University. (2008). Operational culture for
the warfighter: Principles and applications. Quantico, Va.: Marine Corps University ;
Washington, DC : For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O.

Senge, P. M. (2006). The fifth discipline: The art and practice of the learning organization (Rev
a updated.). New York: Doubleday/Currency.

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