Boko Haram: Anatomy of a Crisis

During recent years the phenomenon of Boko Haram has dominated 7 policy debates among academics and policymakers interested in Nigerian and African politics. Yet, many issues about the sect remain unclear and contested. The exact reasons triggering radicalization, the methods of recruitment, the profiles of its members, its affiliation with other regional terrorist powerhouses such as Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, Ansar Dine in Mali or Al-Shabaab in Somalia, are all within the scope of discussion. Academics working on state theories and post-colonial studies understand the group as a symptom of Nigeria’s failing state. Sociologists and several social anthropologists attribute it to poverty. Southern Nigerian politicians and lobbyists blame Northerners’ domination of the state. Counter- terrorism and security experts focus on the international linkages of the group and the threat that poses to the stability of Western Africa. By examining these debates, this collection is essential reading for those interested in Nigeria, and the broader issues of state building, terrorism, humanitarian emergencies, conflict resolution and intrastate violence.

Boko Haram Anatomy of a Crisis

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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