Threat Background – MANPADS

This presentation will provide the update on the threat of transnational terrorist activity from MANPADS

MANPADS are defined as surface-to-air missile systems designed to be carried by an individual or by individuals, including complete systems, components, spare parts, models, training systems, and simulators. They include, but are not limited to, all man-portable variants of the Blowpipe, Hamlet, Javelin, Mistral, RBS-70, Redeye, SA-7, SA-14, SA-16, SA-18, Starburst, Starstreak, Stinger.

Although the FBI is saying it has not received specific warnings, the agency is alerting law enforcement agencies to be on the lookout for any signs of terrorist plans to use shoulder-fired missiles against U.S. targets, especially commercial airliners.

The alert comes after investigators concluded al Qaeda operatives might have tried to shoot down a U.S. military plane in Saudi Arabia earlier this month.

MANPADS Threat Background

OODA Analyst

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