Islamic State of Iraq claims to have executed kidnapped soldiers


Islamic State of Iraq claims to have executed kidnapped soldiers

Brief Description:
The group released a video showing the ID cards and possessions of two U.S. soldiers kidnapped on May 12. A third soldier who had been kidnapped was found dead on May 23, and the video claims that ISI has executed the other two in response to the US refusal to halt its search-and-rescue operations. The video does not show the soldiers themselves, although the identification materials are believed to be authentic. However, no proof is given that the soldiers are actually dead or in the hands of ISI, and the validity of the video is in doubt. US officials said the search for the soldiers would continue.

Type of Attack:
Alleged execution

Intended Target:
US soldiers

Ultimate Target:
US Army



Attack Group Attribution (primary):
Islamic State of Jihad

Attack Group Attribution (secondary):

Attack Group Attribution (tertiary):

External Aid:
Al-Qaeda in Iraq

Property Damaged:

Law Enforcement Response:
US forces are continuing large-scale search-and-rescue operations.

International Response:
US military spokesmen condemned the claim and said the search would continue.

Lessons Learned:

Terrorist Individuals Involved:



Historical Implications:


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