Knesset okays establishment of ‘Big Brother’ database for police

he Knesset on Monday approved a law allowing the police to establish a huge database or search engine based on citizens’ telephone numbers, including unlisted ones, as well as other communication data. It would be the broadest such database created by any Western police force.

The Knesset voted 35 to 5 to approve the bill on its second and third readings. The new law will allow the police to request a judge’s order to obtain such communications data on citizens, enabling the police to track a person’s movements and all telephone calls. The database will include: telephone numbers, including unlisted ones; names of mobile phone subscribers; serial numbers of mobile phones; and maps of antenna locations. The Knesset rejected a request to let the police receive lists of all Internet addresses in Israel. Full Story

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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