Iraq Is Shaken by More Deadly Insurgent Attacks

At least 15 people were killed in insurgent attacks across Iraq today, and Kurdish officials confirmed that five German businessmen and an Iraqi died in a private plane crash in the north.

Iraqi troops and American soldiers inspected the wreckage of a plane that crashed on Saturday in the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan.Search teams found the wreckage of the plane and the bodies of the six men north of Sulaymaniyah in the snow-capped mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan, The Associated Press reported, citing Kurdish officials. The businessmen worked for a Bavarian company, and their plane had been en route from Azerbaijan to Sulaymaniya when it crashed on Saturday. In northern Baghdad, the owner of an ice cream shop was shot dead outside his shop this morning, an Interior Ministry official said. A policeman, an Iraqi Army soldier, and a paramilitary officer were killed by gunmen in three separate assassinations, the official said. Full Story

OODA Analyst

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