Feds Eye New Mission: Zombie Hunting

The federal government is now in the zombie-hunting business Sprint has the infrastructure in place to meet all your business communications needs. From one company. Today. Click here and see how Sprint helps business. — and is deputizing virtually every Internet Covad T1: Built for Business. Get 50% off the first three months on business-class Covad T1 TeleXtend. Service Provider in the United States as it seeks to halt the flow of unwanted spam e-mail in this country and overseas.

The Federal Trade Commission Latest News about Federal Trade Commission, the federal anti-trust watchdog, is planning in coming weeks to begin sending ISPs reports on the computers on their networks that are zombies. Once the ISPs receive the information, it is then their duty to disable the zombies, which are primarily home PCs that have been hijacked by hackers to illicitly send out spam. Full Story

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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