TRC EXCLUSIVE: Terrorist threat level elevated in Turkey

Today (February 15, 2005) is the 6th anniversary of the capture of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan by Turkish intelligence in Kenya. In the last week, PKK-affiliated news media has been awash with accounts of US involvement in his capture. Turkish National Police (TNP) has placed its entire organization on nationwide alert against possible terrorist attacks to commemorate Ocalan’s capture. TNP notes the following dates which are significant to PKK as well as Marxist terrorist organizations such as DHKP-C (Dev Sol), TKP/ML (TIKKO), and MLKP (FESK) which have targeted and continue to US national and interests in Turkey in the past:

February 15

March 08

March 21

April 04

May 01

Most of the founding dates of the major Turkish Marxist terrorist organizations fall in the month of February. The PKK has been instigating acts of civil disobedience and public disorder in the last 2 weeks in Europe and in Turkey. TNP highlights the large amount of military grade high explosives such as C4 which the PKK is known to have smuggled into Turkey from Northern Iraq, some of which has been used in IED and VBIED attacks last year.

TNP has gathered intelligence that MLKP (FESK) (whose attempt to bomb a road bridge in Adana last year was foiled by the TNP) is preparing to launch attacks in Istanbul and in Ankara in retaliation for the arrest of some of its leaders last December.

It is important ot note that the attempted bombing of a bar near the joint US-Turkish Incirlik airbase in early February 2005 was followed by another attempted bombing of a UPS office in Adana.

OODA Analyst

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