Bush under fire over terror alert

President Bush has come under fire for his handling of the domestic war on terror after a warning of a possible al-Qaeda attack in the US.

Attorney General John Ashcroft said information showed al-Qaeda intended “to hit the United States hard”. On Wednesday Mr Ashcroft named seven people he said were a clear danger. But Democratic challenger Senator John Kerry questioned Mr Bush’s commitment to providing the resources necessary to protect the country. He said that while Americans would be struck by the administration’s “seriousness and concern” over the issue, the threat had highlighted certain failures. The authorities had in particular been unable to provide security on trains and chemical plants, and to inspect containers coming into US ports, he said. “We deserve a president of the United States who doesn’t make homeland security a photo opportunity,” he said at a rally in Seattle. “We deserve a president who makes America safer.” Full Story

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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