Guns for hire thrive in Africa

More than 60 men in Zimbabwe have been accused of planning a coup in Equatorial Guinea. Ever since the 1974 book “The Dogs of War” portrayed the exploits of mercenaries in Africa, it’s been known that “soldiers of fortune” are powerful players in this continent’s conflicts.

But a drama now unfolding in both Zimbabwe and the tiny oil-producing nation of Equatorial Guinea is highlighting the growing demand for mercenaries in West Africa, a volatile region that’s becoming a key exporter of oil to the United States. The saga began March 7 when Zimbabwean officials stormed a Boeing 727 in Harare, the capital. On board they found “military materiel” and more than 60 men, including South Africans, Angolans, and Namibians. All were accused of plotting a coup in Equatorial Guinea and may face the death penalty. They are currently awaiting charges. Full Story

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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