Security of handhelds far too lax, experts say

Traversing the carpeted walkways of the Las Vegas Convention Center last week, Caleb Sima looked like many other programmers at Comdex: young, lean, laid-back and with a taste for earth tones. What was less apparent is that he also has a penchant for uncovering new security threats. “I dabble in cell phone security for fun,” said the CTO and co-founder of Spi Dynamics, an Atlanta company that makes software for uncovering vulnerabilities in Web applications. Sima spoke on a panel about the growing handheld security threat, a hot topic at a conference where dozens of mobile network products were on display. What Sima said he has learned dabbling with cell phone security is that no one – not software developers, carriers, corporate network executives and certainly not end users – appears to have looked seriously at this issue. This, despite the fact that millions of cell phones are now in the hands of corporate employees.

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