Judge Puts Off Kenya Hotel Bombing Trial

A judge postponed Monday’s trial of six Kenyans charged with 15 counts of murder in a terrorist attack on an Israeli-owned hotel while he considers whether two other suspects should be included.

The two, who are in police custody but have not been formally charged, are scheduled to appear in court Nov. 14. The judge said he would hold another hearing Nov. 21. “It would be prudent” for the trial to be postponed until he ruled on a separate application by the attorney for the other two suspects, Judge John Osiemo said. The car bombing of the Paradise Hotel on Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast on Nov. 28, 2002, killed 12 Kenyans and three Israeli tourists. The six suspects charged so far include Omar Said Omar, Said Saggar Ahmed, Aboud Rogo Mohammed, Salmin Mohammed Khamis, Kubwa Mohamed and his son, Mohamed Kubwa. At least two other key suspects remain at large. Full Story

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