Gunmen used drainpipe to reach highway

Drains are a known weak spot in seam line defense, army officers admits. The terrorists who committed Tuesday’s shooting attack on the Trans-Israel Highway, which killed 7-year-old Noam Leibowitz, reached the road through a drainpipe that passes under the protective wall along its eastern flank, an initial investigation has discovered. Both the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, a military wing of Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party, and the Popular Front-General Command claimed responsibility

for the attack, which occurred inside Israel. Colonel David Menahem, commander of the Israel Defense Forces’ Ephraim Brigade, said the attack was carried out by two terrorists from Qalqilyah. The pair located a drainpipe that passes under the eight-meter-high wall, which is supposed to protect travelers from attacks. Using a pneumatic saw, they cut through the grate covering the pipe. One of them then remained on the eastern side of the wall, while the other went through to the highway. He crouched by the side of the road and waited for a car to pass by, whereupon he opened fire with a Kalashnikov rifle. He then went back through the drainpipe and he and his partner fled. Full Story

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