Huge van bomb intercepted

A bomb found in a van at Londonderry was one of the biggest ever found in the UK, police have said.

The device, containing 1200lbs of explosives, was primed and ready for detonation. It was found in a van seen being driven suspiciously on the Foyle Bridge at about 0615 BST on Sunday. BBC Ireland correspondent Mark Simpson said it was a bigger bomb than the one used by the Real IRA in the Omagh bombing in August 1998 which killed 29 people. Police found the red van abandoned a short time later on the nearby Clooney Road. The explosives, with wires and a timer pack, were found after Army technical officers carried out a controlled explosion on the van. Police believe dissident republicans are to blame. The find follows a discovery of 500lbs of explosives in County Monaghan near the Northern Ireland border on Friday. Full Story

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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