Saudi: al-Qaida Behind Riyadh Bombings

For the first time, the Saudi interior minister linked last month’s Riyadh bombings to the al-Qaida terror network in an interview published Saturday, and his ministry identified 12 of the attackers.

Prince Nayef said 25 people so far are in custody in connection with the May 12 bombings at three Western housing compounds in Riyadh. Thirty-five people were killed in the attacks, including at least nine suicide bombers. “We can’t say that all (those in custody) are involved in the bombings but they all have the same orientation” and hold the same beliefs as those involved in the bombings, he told the Arabic-language Okaz daily. “I think it is al-Qaida (who executed the attacks), and there might be other (terror) organizations who helped or worked closely in the attacks,” he said. A week ago, FBI Director Robert Mueller said the May 12 suicide bombings bore “all the hallmarks” of Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida. Saudi officials have said they suspect a role by al-Qaida and that some of those detained were linked to the group, but Prince Nayef’s comments were the most direct yet. Full Story

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