Rocklin (Sacramento) CA, explosive disposal

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James J. Saunders, Special Agent

State LEIN Coordinator

Iowa Department of Public Safety

Intelligence Bureau

3rd Floor– Wallace Building

Des Moines, Iowa 50319

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Several days ago, C-Shift responded to a home that backed up to West Oaks Boulevard for a suspicious device in the backyard. Upon arrival, I met with Rocklin Police who stated that in the backyard was a Sprite can with a nail sticking out of one end and the other end had been removed and then taped back on. The Rocklin officer found the can to be suspicious enough to have the E.O.D. team come out and take a look.

Although you feel a sense of going overboard, we shut down the surrounding roadways and evacuated the neighboring homes. The E.O.D. team arrived and visualized the device. They immediately stated that this was more than likely a legitimate explosive, based on previous devices found which were similar in nature. The device was x-rayed and found to contain explosives. The E.O.D. team proceeded to detonate the device in place with a water cannon. It definitely made a big BOOM!

After further discussion with E.O.D. members, they stated that they have been seeing these types of devices in the Sacramento area. Usually in a soda or beer can, a nail is protruding from one end. The can is packed with a primer, paper, battery and explosive, it is then taped up with duct tape or similar material. When tossed (sometimes out of a

vehicle, likely in this case) the heavier end of the can hits the ground first, the nail is struck and sets off the primer “Bang”. These devices usually have enough power to remove a limb or kill an adult size person. This device was found in the yard of an average home. It was noticed when a mother was letting her 6 year old daughter out to play. The only reason the device did not detonate on its own, was that it landed on the lawn and didn’t hit the firing pin (nail) hard enough. It sounds as if sleepy little Rocklin is no longer sleepy. Be careful out there and never underestimate what you find. Always assume and act as if it is the real thing. This time it probably saved someone’s life. If you would like more info give me a call. Kurt Snyder Battalion Chief City of Rocklin. (916)625-5300

[February 2003]

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