Foreign journalist unwittingly helped U.K. bombers enter Israel

The terrorists who carried out the suicide bombing

at Mike’s Place in Tel Aviv on April 29 crossed

from Gaza into Israel with the aid of an Italian journalist, according to details of the investigation revealed Monday following the lifting of a court-imposed gag order. The bombing, which killed three people, was carried out by a British citizen of Pakistani origin, Asif Mohammed Hanif. His accomplice, Omar Khan Sharif, also a British national of Pakistani origin, fled when his explosive device failed to detonate. His body was found two weeks later in the sea off Tel Aviv coast. It is not known whether his death was accidental, due to exhaustion or whether he drowned himself deliberately. According to the details released for publication by the Tel Aviv District Court, Hanif and Sharif were recruited by the militant Hamas organization in Damascus, where they had studied before coming to Israel. Full Story

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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