Unlicensed Wireless: License to Attack?

Warning: Using unlicensed wireless networks could be so damaging to the safety of your data that industry experts are suggesting the need for a Surgeon General-like warning label.

Regulators, private industry and law enforcement widely agree that data networks—wireless and wireline alike—will forever be vulnerable to attack. The difference with wireless technology, some in industry say, is that users have no idea just how vulnerable it is. “[Wireless application protocol] protection is virtually useless, and I don’t think consumers are aware of it,” said Jacob Christfort, chief technology officer and vice president of Product Development at Oracle Corp. Speaking at a forum on unlicensed wireless networks Tuesday, Christfort said he could support regulation requiring network providers to display a cautionary label, such as those shown on alcohol and tobacco products. Full Story

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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