Congo's war refuses to end

Pro-government forces have slaughtered hundreds of civilians in the Democratic Republic of Congo in one of the worst massacres since a peace deal was signed, rebels claimed yesterday.

A coalition of loyalist troops, tribal militia and Ugandan army soldiers rampaged for two days last week in Bogoro, south of the town of Bunia which is near the Ugandan border, according to Thomas Lubanga, leader of the Union des Patriotes Congolais (UPC), a small rebel group backed by Rwanda. “Until yesterday we had counted up to 467 people had been killed. We’re still receiving more reports today. They were all civilians,” Mr Lubanga told Reuters. A rival rebel group, RCD-Kisangani, also said there had been a massacre but said the toll was 250 and rising. An official from the United Nations mission in Congo (MONUC) confirmed there was an attack and said the higher death toll “could be true”. Full Story

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