Weekly Virus Report – Lovgate, Tang and Kingpdt Worms, Nzlog and Aileen Trojans

Three worms -Lovgate.A, W32/Tang and Kingpdt- and two Trojans -Nzlog and Aileen- are the subjects of this week’s report on malicious code. Lovgate.A is a worm that spreads across local networks and via e-mail, and is also programmed to act as a backdoor Trojan. The actions carried out by this virus include the following:

– It creates a large number of copies of itself in shared network directories and subdirectories. These files will be accessible from the other computers in the same local network as the computer infected by Lovgate.A. If a file is run on one of these computers, it will also be infected by the Trojan.

– It opens a TCP communications port (usually 10168), leaving the computer vulnerable to remote attacks. Full Story

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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