Public Announcement: EGYPT

Egypt – The monarchy was abolished and Egypt was declared a republic following the coup led by Gamel Abd El Nasser.

The annual G8 Summit, in which the U.S. President and leaders of seven other countries meet to discuss and coordinate policy on key global issues, will take place June 26 and 27 in Kananaskis, Alberta, 70 miles from Calgary, and 44 miles from Banff. Consequently, there will be extremely tight security in the area. In addition, previous summits have drawn “anti-globalization” and other activists from around the world. While past demonstrations and protest activity have been mainly peaceful, sporadic violence and clashes between police and protestors have occurred. At last year`s G8 Summit in Genoa, Italy, large numbers of protestors were arrested or injured, and one was killed. Demonstrations and protest marches are expected in downtown Calgary, possibly as early as June 21 and as late as June 30, as well as closer to Kananaskis itself if activists gain access to the area. Travelers are advised to follow news and traffic reports, avoid crowds and exercise caution. Full Story

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