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10 Sep 2019

OODA Network Interview: David Bray

“People may look back at where we are now and discover we were in the middle of a cognitive cold war.”

Collective intelligence is changing the way humans, organizations and machines support each other. Read about how David Bray from the People Centered Internet has spent his eclectic career working on the nuances of these issues.

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10 Sep 2019

Mitigating Risks To America’s Cognitive Infrastructure

This is the second of a series on our nation’s most neglected critical infrastructure, our cognitive infrastructure. The first post dove into the nature of the challenge and why it is so important for our future that the threats to our cognitive infrastructure are understood and addressed. This post flows from that one and suggests ways the nation can mitigate many of these risks.

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04 Sep 2019

What To Do About Quantum Uncertainty

The term quantum uncertainty refers to the unique property of not being able to know the direction and speed of a particle at the same time. However if you were in Washington DC area this summer quantum uncertainty could also describe the confusion of defining the quantum threat to national security and countermeasures to contain it. We imagine there may be quite a bit of quantum uncertainty in your business as well. In this post we bring a bit of clarity to this uncertainty and provide recommendations for both business strategists and government policy makers that can help prepare you for a quantum world. 

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03 Sep 2019

OODA Network Interview: Stu Sjouwerman

Stu Sjouwerman’s has a knack of seeing future technology needs, and the timing to put solutions in place.  He built and sold his endpoint solutions company before the market became over saturated with products and started focusing his efforts on security awareness and training in 2010.  Read about his successful career of creating companies, including KnowBe4 in this OODA Network Interview.

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03 Sep 2019

America’s Most Critical Infrastructure is also Our Most Neglected Infrastructure

This special report is the first of a two-part series designed to both inform OODA members on the nature of challenges to our nation’s most critical infrastructure and provide recommendations for action that can mitigate these challenges. Our thesis is that America’s most critical infrastructure is our cognitive infrastructure. This is also the most attacked and least defended. In short, our most important critical infrastructure is also our most neglected infrastructure.

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