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13 Mar 2020

OODA Network Interview: Richard Blech

Richard Blech was convinced decades ago that authentication and cryptography would become essential to the newly emerging internet.  Read how he spent his career accelerating the pace of encryption innovation to make it harder for the adversaries to get our data.

“I think it’s important to be leading edge and innovative – to go as close to the edge as you can.  You can only learn as you get more experienced and mature.   To drive something forward as an entrepreneur, you have to have passion.  It can’t be manufactured; it has to be natural.”

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12 Mar 2020

The Impact Of Coronavirus on your Markets and Business Strategy

It should go without saying that the number one goal of all of us in this pandemic is preservation of life. There are steps we should all be taking right now to protect ourselves, our families and our communities. We also need to be planning on how to protect our way of life. This special report provides context which can be used by leaders in any industry to better prepare your organization to survive and thrive and accelerate success post-pandemic.

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11 Mar 2020

You Need to Tighten Your OODA Loop on the Coronavirus/COVID-19

On this 22nd anniversary of Boyd’s death, our adversary is the Coronavirus and it is manifesting itself through predictable models that should be informing our decision process and invoking certain actions. 

In this particular pandemic, you need to tighten your OODA Loop and make impactful decisions quicker.  In fact, you need to make them right now.

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11 Mar 2020

The 2020 OODA Cybersecurity Watch List

Every year during the RSA season OODA provides an updated list of what we see as the tech firms with the greatest potential to disrupt the cybersecurity market and improve an organization’s ability to manage cyber risk. We base the firms we track in this list off of our own continuous market research and then use the activities around RSA to interview company leaders and other industry professionals to select the firms we believe warrant special focus by the community.

The resulting list can serve multiple stakeholders. Investors can find firms that have demonstrated good product-market fit and are good candidates for follow-on funding. CISOs can find companies that have demonstrated real disruptive technology potential and at least enough traction to prove they are worth considering. And larger tech firms can find interesting businesses worth tracking for potential partnering and, perhaps later in the firm’s lifecycle, for potential M&A.

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09 Mar 2020

Russia Exploits Global Pandemic for Economic Attacks

The COVID-19 market disruption presents an attractive opportunity for Russia to have a disproportionate impact on U.S. economic strength by engaging in policies that amply existing conditions to further drive panic and algorithmic disfunction.

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