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08 Mar 2006

Jordan foils Al-Qaeda-linked suicide attack

On March 1, Jordanian authorities announced that they had thwarted an attack on ?a vital, civil facility? in Jordan and had arrested a Libyan and two Iraqis in connection with the planned attacks. Shortly after, the arrest of a third Iraqi was announced. Two other Iraqis and a Saudi are

08 Mar 2006

Taking Spying to Higher Level, Agencies Look for More Ways to Mine Data

The debate over the US government’s alleged eavesdropping, data mining, and watch listing efforts are littered with misconception and overheated rhetoric. The supporters of the government?s technology-infused counterterrorism efforts argue that data mining, electronic eavesdropping, and watch listing offer the government powerful tools in its battle against a determined and

08 Mar 2006

Algeria says to free 2,000 Islamist ex-fighters

The decision to release 2,100 suspected or convicted Islamist rebels in Algeria comes as part of the national reconciliation plan led by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to help Algeria close the door on a decade-long civil war, which killed between 100,000 and 150,000 people and cost the country an estimated $20

08 Mar 2006

Bolivia’s Morales accuses US of blackmail

Speaking before a large crowd gathered in the rebellious left-wing city of El Alto, Bolivian President Evo Morales (see photo in following column) accused the United States of resorting to “blackmail” and “intimidation” in its attempt to control the inner workings of the Bolivian military. The accusations were prompted by

08 Mar 2006

Abbas: Al-Qaida Has Infiltrated Gaza Strip

After relating that al-Qaeda had established its presence in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas toned down his alarming announcement, stating “We have unconfirmed reports that Al Qaeda, which sent members to Jordan [Country Profile] and Saudi Arabia [Country Profile], may also send its members to

08 Mar 2006

3 Jews Are Attacked in a Paris Suburb

France is witnessing a marked rise in anti-Semitism, specifically in Sarcelles district, a northwest suburb of Paris, in which Jews were accosted by small gangs in three separate incidents since March 3. These attacks come in the aftermath of the kidnapping, prolonged torture, and ultimate death of Ilan Halimi, also

08 Mar 2006

Russian Duma passes sweeping anti-terrorism legislation

The counterterrorism legislation entitled ?On Counter-Terrorist Action? that has passed the lower house of Russia?s parliament is sweeping in its breadth of powers given to the Russian military, security forces, and law enforcement bodies to deal with unfolding terrorist situations and to prevent terrorist actions. It is widely expected to

08 Mar 2006

War-Crimes Suspect May Be Next Kosovo PM

Now that the long awaited talks on the final status of Kosovo have begun supposedly on a positive note , it seems that Kosovo?s internal politics may make that process more difficult. For years, the Albanian majority has pushed for talks by claiming that since 1999 when Kosovo, technically still


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