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01 Mar 2006

DHS funds advanced cargo-screening technology

Thousands of land-based cargo containers pass through ports of entry at US borders each year. On a daily basis, 17,000 containers enter the US, but only a few are actually inspected. Technologies, as we know from previous WAR Reports, are being developed and deployed at a rapid pace in all

01 Mar 2006

Italian Minister Quits In Cartoon Uproar

The crisis of the Mohammed-Cartoon continues to flare up throughout Europe. Most recently, Italy’s Reforms Minister Roberto Calderoli found himself in the spotlight after wearing a T-shirt with the satirical caricature on a February 15 RAI state television interview. Two days later, 11 people were killed and 40 wounded in

01 Mar 2006

Paris bomb suspect goes on trial amid allegations of police torture

Rachid Ramda (aka Abou Fares) , who has been sitting in Britain’s Belmarsh Prison for 10 years, having fought nine extradition attempts on terrorism charges to France , finally had his day in court on February 27. Ramda faces accusations that he helped fund a GIA terror campaign in the

01 Mar 2006

Shining Path Guerrilla Commander Killed

Once considered the most lethal terrorist organization in the world, Sendero Luminoso , or Shining Path, has remained relatively obscure since the capture of Shining Path founder and political leader Abimael Guzman. Since Guzman’s 1992 arrest, the Shining Path has been struggling to find its way in a nation that

01 Mar 2006

Panel: Industry crucial to fighting cybercrime

It is certainly true that the private sector will be the ?tip of spear? in detecting and identify cyber threats. It is also true that many of these threats may originate from outside the United States . As a result of these dual realities, the federal government must assume a

22 Feb 2006

Thai militants learn from Iraq insurgency

Based on the UPI article, it would be difficult not to conclude that Thailand is the next vanguard of global jihadist extremism following down the increasingly well-trodden path blazed by al-Qaeda globally, Jemaah Islamiya (JI) and Abu Sayyaf regionally, and Abu Musa?ab al-Zarqawi’s al-Qaeda in the Land of Two Rivers

22 Feb 2006

US pledges to strengthen military, anti-terror cooperation with Algeria

There are a number of pragmatic reasons to cooperate closely with Algeria on counterterrorism initiatives. First, a significant number of foreign fighters in Iraq are Algerians. Some of these fighters may be members of Algeria?s al-Qaeda-aligned terrorist group, the Salafist Group for Call and Combat . That organization is also


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