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01 Mar 2006

US ‘losing media war to al-Qaeda’

Providing a timely example of Donald Rumsfeld?s comments about al-Qaeda’s fast adaptation to fighting in an era of pervasive global media, an al-Qaeda propaganda organization, the Global Islamic Media Center, issued a statement on the Internet responding to his statement and seizing the opportunity to do recruit new members over

01 Mar 2006

Afghanistan Shares Intel With Pakistan

Reports that Afghanistan shared intelligence with Pakistan on the presence of Taliban leadership and training bases in Pakistan adds evidence to support recent TRC analyses that Taliban cadres remain ensconced and are building in strength in Pakistan. The AP report offers compelling details of Afghanistan?s intelligence on the Taliban presence

01 Mar 2006

Foreigners live in fear of Russian skinheads

Cameroonian Kanhem Leon was a student and a devout Christian who came to Russia to attain an education that would guarantee him a better life in his home country. Instead, he met an atrocious fate when he was attacked in St. Petersburg on Christmas Eve 2005 and stabbed to death

01 Mar 2006

Homeland Security Would Share Duties for Disaster Response Under Proposal

The New York Times article discusses the White House report regarding the federal response to Hurricane Katrina; this reports follows the House of Representatives’ report issued a week earlier. Fran Townsend, the President?s domestic security advisor, is quoted as saying, ?The Homeland Security Department and its Federal Emergency Management Agency

01 Mar 2006

Self-Styled Justice in Guatemala

Although the 36-year civil war that plagued this Central American nation has been over for nearly 10 years, violence and crime continue to haunt its inhabitants, causing fear and frustration among the Guatemalan population. The growth of vigilante social cleansing groups is but a symptom of a much larger disease

01 Mar 2006

“Year of Living Dangerously” in Ethiopian capital

Located within the “beltway” surrounding Washington, DC, analysts from the Terrorism Research Center have convenient access to the artists colony and immigrant neighborhood of Adams Morgan, which, since the early 1990s, has become home to a significant number of Ethiopians as evident by the proliferation of East African restaurants and

01 Mar 2006

A bid to foment democracy in Iran

The Bush administration has made an emergency request to Congress for $75 million to support Iranian opposition groups and democracy focused Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) within Iran . Given the prohibitive consequences of military action , and the tenuous state of UN sanctions that rest on the votes of China and

01 Mar 2006

DHS funds advanced cargo-screening technology

Thousands of land-based cargo containers pass through ports of entry at US borders each year. On a daily basis, 17,000 containers enter the US, but only a few are actually inspected. Technologies, as we know from previous WAR Reports, are being developed and deployed at a rapid pace in all


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