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15 Mar 2006

Madrid Bombings Show No al-Qaida Ties

The commentary from intelligence officials with knowledge of the ongoing Madrid train bombing investigations reveal fascinating information on the complexion of the cell and its relationship to the al-Qaeda leadership. This data adds compelling evidence to support repeated TRC analyses that have described the threat posed by a more atomized

15 Mar 2006

Gulf Shiites Concerned About Iraq Violence

Early in 2005, as Iraqi elections approached, fears of an election day marred by terrorism overshadowed another, quieter dread felt in a number of neighboring Arab regimes. For the first time, Shia Muslims would make up the legitimate dominant power in an Arab country. There were concerns that the majority

15 Mar 2006

Ex-FEMA director: Restore agency’s independence

The GovExec article is the latest chapter in the feud between former Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Director Michael Brown and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff . This struggle began in June 2002 when the President announced he was about to form the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that would

08 Mar 2006

Abbas: Al-Qaida Has Infiltrated Gaza Strip

After relating that al-Qaeda had established its presence in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas toned down his alarming announcement, stating “We have unconfirmed reports that Al Qaeda, which sent members to Jordan [Country Profile] and Saudi Arabia [Country Profile], may also send its members to

08 Mar 2006

3 Jews Are Attacked in a Paris Suburb

France is witnessing a marked rise in anti-Semitism, specifically in Sarcelles district, a northwest suburb of Paris, in which Jews were accosted by small gangs in three separate incidents since March 3. These attacks come in the aftermath of the kidnapping, prolonged torture, and ultimate death of Ilan Halimi, also

08 Mar 2006

Russian Duma passes sweeping anti-terrorism legislation

The counterterrorism legislation entitled ?On Counter-Terrorist Action? that has passed the lower house of Russia?s parliament is sweeping in its breadth of powers given to the Russian military, security forces, and law enforcement bodies to deal with unfolding terrorist situations and to prevent terrorist actions. It is widely expected to

08 Mar 2006

War-Crimes Suspect May Be Next Kosovo PM

Now that the long awaited talks on the final status of Kosovo have begun supposedly on a positive note , it seems that Kosovo?s internal politics may make that process more difficult. For years, the Albanian majority has pushed for talks by claiming that since 1999 when Kosovo, technically still

08 Mar 2006

Peacekeepers and Diplomats, Seeking to End Darfur’s Violence, Hit Roadblock

The list of roadblocks to peace in the Darfur region of Sudan discussed above is not, regrettably, exhaustive. The current international peacekeeping framework is in disarray, and efforts to bolster it have been sabotaged by the Sudanese and foreign governments. A seventh round of peace negotiations with two of the


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