OpenAI, Hugging Face and DEFCON 31 (August 2023) on Red Teaming ChatGPT, Large Language Models, and Neural Language Models

The OODA LLC team and members of the OODA Network have participated in or led hundreds of red teams across many divergent disciplines, ranging from strategic and tactical cyber to physical security threats Рlike infectious diseases or nuclear power plant targeting Рto more abstract items like Joint Operating Concepts. We recently looked for patterns in the exponential adoption of ChatGPT, large language models (LLMs), and neural language models (NLMs)  Рand how it has intersected with the red teaming discipline. Here is what we found and the results are encouraging, including plans for a grand challenge at the AI Village at the upcoming DEFCON31 in August in Las Vegas, which will include access to models made available from  Anthropic, Google, Hugging Face, Microsoft, NVIDIA, OpenAI, and Stability AI.