The U.S. Turns Strategic Focus Towards Cyber Threat Vectors in Guam, Albania, and Costa Rica

There are no coincidences:  The recent arrival of 4 B-52 bombers in Guam – along with the Marines and the official opening in January of a reactivated, expanded U.S. military base on the U.S. territory – might have something to do with a recent cyberattack on the mobile, television, internet, and telephone services of the island territory.   Overall, attacks on U.S.-based critical infrastructure are an obvious concern.  But are they too obvious?  And are the more significant threat vectors found in the geographic outliers of Guam, Albania, and Costa Rica?  And, if so, is there a broader, Chinese, Iranian, North Korean, and/or Russian cyberwar strategy at play? We now explore the efforts to restore telecom services in Guam in the last few weeks – along with an update on the ongoing impact of cyberattacks in Albania and the Conti Gang cyber attack in Costa Rica we surfaced back in the Spring of 2022 – and the recent U.S. financial assistance sent to both countries.