“The Greatest Cryptographic Migration in History”: The Quantum Cybersecurity Preparedness Act to be Signed into Law

The Quantum Cybersecurity Preparedness Act passed the Senate last week (on Friday, December 16th) and is ready for the President’s signature.  The bill is an outgrowth of National Security Memorandum 8 (NSM8):  “Improving the Cybersecurity of National Security, Department of Defense and Intelligence Community Systems”.  NSM8 appeared to have been inspired by Project Warp Speed – specifically, the elimination of layers of reportage and bureaucracy when trying to innovate with unprecedented speed and scale.  With NSM8 and National Security Systems (NSS), the goal was not so much the acceleration of innovation, but the ability to “defend forward” at speed and scale – with a tight OODA Loop between the White House and the NSA. Once signed, the legislation represents the codification into law of the NSM8 strategic directives for what will be “the greatest cryptographic migration in history”.