OODA Network Member Junaid Islam on Security Automation and Automated Continuous Threat Testing

In a series of posts entitled Autonomous Everything, we are exploring automation in all its technological forms, including legacy working assumptions about the term itself.  We began the series in June with a description of the first autonomous ship to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Autonomy includes a broad autonomous future in areas such as Security Automation, Automation and the Workforce, Automation – or Augmentation – of the workforce, and Automation of AI/Machine Learning Training Models and Industry Standardization. 

Most recently, we took a look at the more familiar heavy industrial history of automation and global shipping port terminal operations. Port automation is also prescient in the context of the recent pandemic-induced supply chain bottlenecks. Now, we are checking in with OODA Network Member Junaid Islam about security automation – and what is known as “Automated Continuous Threat Testing.”