OODA Special Report: Digital Transformation in the Materials Sector- Optimizing The Business of Chemicals, Metals, Mining

This OODA special report focuses on the Materials Sector. It is written both for firms that are in the sector and for those that seek to serve it with the products and services they need.

The Materials Sector encompasses a wide range of commodity-related manufacturing industries. Included in this sector are companies that manufacture chemicals, construction materials, glass, paper, forest products and related packaging products, and metals, minerals and mining companies, including producers of steel. Very few firms in this sector are widely known, since most are producing product for other businesses and they focus their marketing on places that target their particular niches. However, some have developed well known brands, including Dow Chemical, BASF, Alcoa, DuPont, Owens Corning, Rio Tinto, US Steel, Bechtel.