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The Top 10 Security and Intelligence Stories of 2015

It has been another interesting and dynamic year on the security and intelligence front and OODA Loop was there to cover it all. The following list is comprised of the Top 10 stories on OODA Loop for 2015 as determined by the number of page views for each article. If you value our analysis, please consider a subscription (click here). One hundred percent of the subscription goes towards the curation of our popular Daily Intelligence Report and original topical analysis.

#1 – The Red Teamer’s Top Ten Books by Dr. Mark Mateski of the Red Team Journal.

#2 – 10 Red Teaming Lessons Learned Over 20 Years by Matt Devost of FusionX

#3 – The 18 Domestic Terrorism Incidents over the Past 15 Months That Have the FBI Concerned

#4 – Every Cyber Attacker is an Insider by Matt Devost

#5 – The Cybersecurity Infantry, Part I: Retreat for Advantage by Mark Mateski

#6 – DHS Warns That ISIS Belgian Plot Could be Roadmap for U.S. Attack

#7 – FBI Alert: Middle-Eastern Males Approaching Family Members of US Military Personnel

#8 – The Americans Supporting ISIS

#9 – The Seven Categories of Domestic Terrorists as Defined by the FBI

#10 – U.S. Department of Homeland Security Warns of Sovereign Citizen Extremist Ideology Threat

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