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Kuwait police arrest 76 in ‘debauchery’ raid

“A police raid of a ‘drunken party’ in the south of Kuwait has led to 76 arrests in a case that has stunned the local community. The men and women were booked on charges of illegally possessing bottles of alcohol, drinking in public, engaging in ‘depraved activities’ and cross-dressing. Under Kuwait’s laws, alcohol is banned and cannot be imported, manufactured or served. In neighbouring Saudi Arabia, reports said that the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, the religious police, on Friday arrested 30 people on charges of debauchery and Satanism in an open air party. ‘The group were from 11 different nationalities and included Americans, Europeans, Arabs and Saudi nationals,’ a member of the Commission posted on his Twitter account, local news site Sabq reported.

Source: Kuwait police arrest 76 in ‘debauchery’ raid |

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