China says it has cracked ‘major’ terrorist ring

“China said Tuesday that it had uncovered an unspecified ‘major terrorist organization,’ a claim that came just ahead of the anniversary of bloody ethnic rioting in the far western region of Xinjiang.

The Public Security Ministry gave little information in its brief announcement, which also coincided with the launch of a government propaganda campaign to promote patriotism in restive Xinjiang, following moves to strengthen security there.

The announcement posted on the Public Security Ministry’s website said only that police had ‘cracked a case involving a major terrorist organization.’ It said details would be given at a news conference Thursday.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether the alleged terrorist group was Xinjiang-based, although Beijing has consistently labeled those opposing Chinese rule over the traditionally Muslim Uighur region as terrorists. In 2008, the government claimed to have cracked a number of Uighur plots to attack the 2008 Beijing Olympics.”

(The Associated Press: China says it has cracked ‘major’ terrorist ring)

OODA Analyst

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