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Africa: China Tests Its Military Muscle in Africa

“Is the hugely successful film Wolf Warrior 2 a metaphor for China’s growing presence in Africa – and perhaps beyond? It’s an action thriller featuring a Rambo-like Chinese hero called Leng Feng. He takes on the bad guys, first at home and then in Africa, where he foils Somali pirates, rebels and mercenaries trying to overthrow a government. In passing he tackles a deadly (fictitious) infectious disease called Lamanla. Wolf Warrior 2 is being seen as a symbol of China’s growing security presence in Africa where, like Feng, it is also fighting Somali pirates, rebels, terrorists and other enemies of the established order – not to mention Ebola. The film is being interpreted by some as a cinematic expression of China’s growing assertiveness on the world stage under President Xi Jinping.”

Source: Africa: China Tests Its Military Muscle in Africa – allAfrica.com

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