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US ‘Concerned’ by China But Not Adversary: Pentagon Chief

“But the Pentagon chief said Washington was troubled by China’s activities in the realms of defense spending, cyber-space and regional territorial spats.

‘We and many other countries are deeply concerned about some the activities China is undertaking,’ Carter said.

‘Its opaque defense budget, its action in cyberspace, and its behavior in places like the South and East China seas raise a number of serious questions.’

An escalation of tension between the United States and China need not be inevitable, however, Carter said.

‘The US and China are not allies but we don’t have to be adversaries. A strong constructive US relationship is essential for global security and prosperity,’ he said, acknowledging that Sino-US relations would be ‘complex’ as both nations sought to ‘compete and cooperate.'”

Source: US ‘Concerned’ by China But Not Adversary: Pentagon Chief | SecurityWeek.Com

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