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Report: DoD Bomb Hunters Pried into US Firms, Citizens

“During some of the bloodiest days of US combat in Afghanistan and the roadside bomb threat there, the Pentagon’s Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) ‘improperly collected’ intelligence on US citizens and corporations to try to stem the threat, a Pentagon Inspector General (IG) report has found.

The collection activities, which were conducted by JIEDDO’s Counter-IED Operations Intelligence Integration Center (COIC), took place ‘at the direction’ of the organization’s leadership the report states, adding that ‘analysts collected information on US companies and their CEOs, US hostages held by foreign extremists, and specific US persons. In addition, COIC analysts improperly collected intelligence using aliases and uncoordinated cover.'”

Source:Report: DoD Bomb Hunters Pried into US Firms, Citizens

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